A Brief History

The Midlands Distillery was established in 2016 with the vision to grow the contract distilling market in Kwa-Zulu-Natal. The Midlands Distillery has since become one of the fastest-growing spirit manufacturers in South Africa – currently producing a range of award-winning, premium quality artisanal spirits for both domestic and international distribution. 

The Midlands is an area rich in spring water and an abundance of raw agricultural materials used in the distillation process (such as sugar cane and maize), as well as the botanicals used in the distillation of Gin. 

The business started from incredibly humble beginnings and now stands as a state-of-the-art micro-distillery offering contract distilling services, as well as producing bespoke and house-brand spirits across all categories: Whiskey, Rum, Gin, Vodka, and Spirit Aperitifs. 

The Midlands Distillery takes great pride in its continuous growth and development.

Our Mission

We are passionate about creating a diverse range of premium African spirits to be enjoyed both locally and globally, with the goal of establishing competitive export partnerships. 

Beyond simply being a micro-distillery, the Midlands Distillery aims to become the largest exporter of premium spirits in South Africa, with our sights set on becoming the largest manufacturer of African spirits on the continent at large.

As an innovative mirco-distillery, we pride ourselves on working sustainably and aim for lowered energy consumption and zero-waste throughout the production process. We aim to have our production operation running entirely off-the-grid by 2025.

Our Vision

To establish ourselves as a dynamic, disruptive, sustainable micro-distillery with uncompromised quality and passion behind its various artisanal spirits, bespoke and house-brand spirits.

The Midlands Distillery’s strategy is to target developed markets with our range of African artisanal spirit brands for export while targeting domestic markets with our competitive quality house-brands at affordable price points.

We aim to remain adaptable in the ever-changing liquor industry, as well as to continue to uphold our reputation for creating premium spirits, both for our in-house brands, as well as for our contract distilling clients.

Our impressive portfolio features internationally recognised and award-winning artisanal spirit brands – having the reward of seeing these brands mature from concept into well-established brands. We aim to become one of the most well-recognised contract distilleries in Africa – manufacturing and distributing proudly South African spirit brands both domestically and internationally.

Our Purpose

For the Midlands Distillery, quality control is an essential aspect in every step of the manufacturing process. As a competitive micro-distillery, we aim to deliver and create the best quality distilled spirits in South Africa within their respective product categories, taking time frames, target market, branding and budget into consideration. 

We work closely with our clients and suppliers to build lasting and mutually profitable business relationships. Our goal is to establish collaborative partnerships with brands, manufacturing spirits that are designed to thrive in a highly competitive market while never compromising on quality. 

Our Core Values

Our team members and clientele are at the heart of our Distillery.  We believe in complete transparency and openness to share market knowledge in order to provide our customers and their brands with the greatest possible chance of success in this highly competitive industry. We take pride in our team’s ability to create and maintain successful, profitable and long-term partnerships with both our current clients and our valued suppliers.

We provide a platform that allows for experimentation for our staff to encourage them to keep pushing the boundaries in their various job roles. 

This supportive and innovative working environment has proven beneficial to the overall growth of our rapidly emerging competitive spirit Distillery in South Africa.

All members of the Midlands Distillery conduct themselves in an ethical manner and adhere to the rules and regulations set out by KwaZulu-Natal Liquor Authority and SARS. 

Our Team

Angelo Wilkie-Page


Lauren Wilkie-Page

Financial Manager


Bruce Peattie

Board Member

Rob Earl

Board Member

Gean Neiuwoudt

Sales Representative

Darren Gore

Sales Representative

Sheldon Els

Production Manager & Master Distiller

John Frost

Warehouse Manager

Nhlakanipho Molefe

Logistics Manager

Kerryn Strydom

Administration & Accounts Manager

Our Customers

Midlands Distillery

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